Panda Bear Frozen Treats #The100Campaign.



Panda Bear Frozen Treats #The100 campaign is an initiative aimed at exposing potential and existing customers to the Panda frozen treats flavour range. By setting aside 100 product samples, they are on a mission to touch 100 customers and leave them with an experience they will never forget. From the flavours they will taste to the people they will see. Panda Bear Frozen Treats guarantee’s a fun time wherever they go.

Details on how to join the exclusive group to be released soon.

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Yo Yum Tum (UK) visits Johannesburg’s Fourways Farmers Market.

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Yolisa is a radio presenter at Colourful Radio and food vlogger based in Central London. Her vlog, Yo Yum Tum sets out to explore cuisine all over the world, offering a diverse food guide that gives audiences a sneak peek before they eat.

We joined her as she set out to explore the South African food market by visiting the Fourways Farmers Market in Johannesburg to get a sneak peek of what Sumting Fresh has to offer.

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Watch Video – > Yo Yum Tum (UK) at the Fourways Farmers Market, Johannesburg.

#ArtFor20 by Slabsta.


“As an upcoming artist it is very hard financially but because art is meant for everyone I want to share it and #Artfor20 is my way of doing it.” – Slabsta

Share your art with us for only R20. Submit any artwork (Writing, Music, Fine Art ect…) that you would like to share on all our platforms for promotion and a good cause. The R20 proceeds are used to purchase a meal which will be donated.

Submit your artwork to:





The Rush.


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Coffee, for many of us it’s the lifeline that kick starts our day. The moment your lips kiss the cup, and it falls straight down your throat as though it seeks to warm the soul. Just one whiff of  the aroma in the air, and for that moment it feels like all in the world is right again. Coffee is a great boost of energy with possible health benefits too, here are a few;

  • Coffee helps lower your risk of type two Diabetes.
  • Drinking coffee in moderation helps with heart failure.
  • Coffee helps with Fat burning, as it boosts the metabolism.

Artists, writers and creatives swear by it, it is synonymous to blood in their veins to them. The drink that’s shared over a hearty catch up session, or a brief business meet. I think it’s safe to say that we’re grateful to whoever thought of this idea.

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