Woke Arts digital agency AlterNativ debuts its collective creative force through SA Cities Network #DigitalDash Publication.

Woke Arts, a name that has frequented our blog and is synonymous with exceptionally curated events that shine a spotlight on the best emerging talent, has reinvented itself. 

The event house has expanded into a holdings group with a digital agency division called #AlterNativ which today, debuts its collective creative force through a project with SA Cities Networks #DigitalDash publication which was synthesised, visually conceptualised, curated and executed by the best pool of talent within the Woke Arts community. 

The publication was curated and directed by Tsholofelo Radebe, the group founder whose keen eye for brand strategy and creative direction enabled the team to curate a mix media publication that consists of Graphic Design lead by Fadzai Dube, Photography and Video by Kea Mooka and Animation Design by Thivhusiwi Mamaila.

The vision was to showcase the ideas presented by the SA Cities Network Urban Planners Competition Winners. This initiative by SA Cities Network intends to engage and empower the youth to be active participants in the creation and planning of city spaces. 

#DigitalDash is the first of many projects that highlight the intrinsic value of creativity in the sharing and exchange of information. #AlterNativ is a reflection of the Woke Arts continued commitment to enlighten society through art and creativity.

View full #DigitalDash publication on www.sacndd.co.za

Visit www.woke-arts.com for a full view of #AlterNativ services and projects.

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Koaho EuphoriaHeart is a digital artist and blogger who defines himself as an expressionist. His style of art is inspired by the feminist movement which gives voice to the movement in a male dominated art industry. This creative on the move is definitely one to watch out for in the didgital art space, here’s more on his work and upcoming projects.

“I’m inspired by the femenist movement that strengthens the female voice.

My Style of design is very different bacuse it combines different art strategies. My art is very specific to female figures and issues surrounding womens rights. I see my art as more of a movement than just a mere expression.

I’m currently working on an e-book that combines art abd poetry which I plan to release sometime around June this year. I’m also currently partnering with a few brands such as #KeAJumpisa by Prince Kaybee, Milk Clothing by Brains Mohapi, EuphoriaHeart and SkinnyGenesTV.

I’d encourage upcoming artists in the digital space to never stop learning. Visit as maby galleries as possible, treat your work like a baby, nurture it each chance you get and be open to teaching the next artist so we can have a better industry.” – EuphoriaHeart.


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Yellow Panda.



Yellow Panda is motion designer and illustrator with a name inspired by the warmth and happiness of the colour yellow and his own character that of which he compares to a Panda. This creative on the move tells us a little more about his work and what inspires him as an artist.

“I usually use two different mediums, Pencil on paper, which I transfer to create the digital format of  it and digital formats such as digital illustrations, video and animation. Its an intricate process that I enjoy.

My style is mostly inspired by VHS effects, Japanese culture and writing, Bright colours and The 80s, it helped me blend a unique aesthetic.

To those who are still young in the design world like myself. Never be afraid to explore and learn new things. Find your style if you haven’t yet and do what you love every day.”



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Vision Feminine | Screen Your Imagination.


Vision Feminine – (The vision of the feminine) female narratives that shine a light on female stories which are told by women.

This is the second screening by Screen Your Imagination Film Club hosted by Artizens of Joburg And IMSurreal Live.

This womens month we aim to give a platform to women in film and television, on screen and behind the scenes. This platform encourages equality and female empowerment in the film and TV landscape.

Join us on the 26th August as we discover the new generation of women in film and television.

4 De Beer Street, Braamfontein
15h00 – 20h00
RSVP : screenyourimagination@gmail.com
(No RSVP, R20 at entrance).


Skin Deep.

SKIN DEEP 002. png-01

“The inspiration behind the artwork is the concept of how people easily judge the book by its cover and most people have confirmed that. If you look at the artwork, the lips look really good but when you look closely beyond the surface, inside the real you is locked up and jailed. Beauty is only skin deep meaning that a person may look really good on the outside but inside be mesirable and monstrous and sometimes vice versa, things are not always as they look.”  – Lionel. 

Graphic by Lionel Designs.

#ArtFor20 by Slabsta.


“As an upcoming artist it is very hard financially but because art is meant for everyone I want to share it and #Artfor20 is my way of doing it.” – Slabsta

Share your art with us for only R20. Submit any artwork (Writing, Music, Fine Art ect…) that you would like to share on all our platforms for promotion and a good cause. The R20 proceeds are used to purchase a meal which will be donated.

Submit your artwork to: Artfortwenty@gmail.com