J-Tyt, the new age digital trap star.

IMG-20180727-WA0009J-Tyt is a hip hop artist who describes himself as a new age digital trap star, he believes in pushing the limits through his artistry. This sonically gifted artist is bound to be highlighted as a meaningful contributor to the culture. We got to know a little more about the A1TRENDYTRAPSTA’s exciting creative journey and his ongoing project UNTITLED and many more.

“I believe there are no limits to creativity, my art is fueled and inspired by my every day experiences and how I foresee the future. My sound evolved with the ages, this led to the digital feel in my music. It’s evident that everything around me finds it’s way into my art, the good, the bad, the easy and the hard.

What makes my art unique is the experiences that play out in it, I draw my inspiration from and the emotions that come with them. I don’t limit nyself so, my art to takes different forms which leads to experimenting with different sounds.

I’m currently working on multiple projects, one of which is called the UNTITLED series presented by myself, this is an on going project where I will be releasing an episode every two months. I’m also working on a squad project with InkMusic that is predicted to end the summer, I’ll also be presenting my last 2018 single titled HitNRun produced by the one and only, SgivoBeats in the coming months.

What do you feel the next step should be for your industry as a whole?
Granting new and up coming artists easier access  to the multiple platforms should be the next step in thr music industry. They are so desperately needed among new talent but available to the selected few.

Upcoming artistd and creatives should recognise the power of the hashtag.” – J-Tyt (Johnnie Marobane)



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Chasing The Noise Music and Arts Festival.



The 2018 Chasing The Noise Music and Arts Festival is bound to be one of a kind. The event will be taking place at the Worker’s Museum in Newtown on the 30th of June, it seeks to bring the youth into a space of learning and reflection, under the guise of rave music and art.

At a unique historical site the event will expose the youth to The Worker’s Museum, one of many structures that attest to the rich history of the Johannesburg Metropolis. The very same spot where the museum is located, just over a century ago, was a compound for black male workers. The compound was built to host migrant workers from all over South Africa who came to work in mines and factories. Leaving behind their families in search of ‘greener pastures’, the men sacrificed their privacy and subjected themselves to slave-like treatment. We believe spaces such as these are essential for youth to immerse themselves in. However, distracted by the hustle and bustle of modern city life, most young people do not visit such places regularly.

This gap thus created an opportunity for the Youth Urban Connect Culture Team – to create a two-fold experience. To firstly, bring young people together in the spirit of fellowship and celebration, secondly, educate and enlighten them on our history to remember the sacrifices our forefathers made and how this enabled us to enjoy the many privileges of the city we currently live in. The organising team stems from Back2Back Productions, an events company that seeks to give youth a voice through music and poetry. In association with NikKi’s Jazz Bar, we have hosted over 20 shows where young and old people alike could come under one roof to enjoy music and poetry from the youth’s perspective.


We at Youth Urban Connect Culture believe in investing in the youth. We have employed young local artists and DJ’s to entertain the crowd as well as have made available stalls for multimedia artists to showcase their work.

We look forward to hosting the first of many youth festivals and we seek to make this the biggest Winter festival in the city.

Youth Urban Connect Culture – For the youth. By the youth.

Get your tickets to Chasing The Noise Festival at chasingthenoise.co.za

Slabsta – Can’t Stop Me (Official Visuals).


“Nothing Can Stop Me” photo by Brigid Schutz.

The long awaited visual representation of Slabsta’s classic single Can’t Stop Me is finally out. The visuals showcase a clean production that is simple and impactful in blending the music with imagery. Slabsta shares a little more about what this video means to him and gives us insight on the production process.

“I chose to have the black and white mainly because it was a collaboration with Black & Whyte Pictures. The symbolism of black and white highlights the the need for colour, after the powerful message the song holds, it motivates the listener to believe in themselves and not give up, a breakthrough is what I’m working towards at the end.

The video features Kele Motlhamme (Model) dancing fluidly, showing how carefree and inspired you can be when you believe in yourself.

It took me so long to release these visuals, I do that with a lot of my songs and projects. I like to see if they age well. It also gives me time to look at my work from a different perspective. It took me a year to finally realise the potential these visuals have, a colleague of mine saw it and told me to release it because it’s great timeless content.

The video represents a part of me, a state of mind where you face your problems head on and find a solution. A simple mindset that encourages one to overcome and succeed. I know most people will relate to the message more than anything.” – Slabsta

Watch Video ->Slabsta – Can’t Stop Me (Official Visuals)

A new “Season”.


Season is a Nigerian born Afro/Hip-Hop musician currently working his way up and making waves in the South African music industry. This creative on the move highlights the power of african artists and their unique ability to fuse and mix each others sound which is evident in Nigerian Afro pop sounds are dominating the airwaves across the continent.

His journey in music began in his early days as an instrumentalist at church, he then joined after school musical sessions which solidified his love for music and set him on the path to pursue it as a career.

His latest musical project includes the songs Dance, Esalobade and Get Up. He recently performed in Braamfontein, Johannesburg and is working towards occupying more art spaces to share his message through music.



Photography by RataRataStore

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Watch video -> “Get Up” promo

Ethnic Kwaito with Collen.


Collen Khalishwayo is a musician, entrepreneur and actor who is breaking through the industry with his unique blend of hip-hop infused ethnic kwaito music. This creative on the move has soared to new heights and came into our radius with his latest single “Sikelela”. Get to know a little bit more about him and his journey.

“I was born in Kwa Zulu Natal. My interest in music began at an early age then we moved to Joburg and I started to actively pursue it.

I make music because this thing is in my blood and I’ve never stopped since then. It’s the language that I know best.

I do not limit myself to one genre of music but hip hop and kwaito are what I know best. I just want my music to give hope.

I have released two albums and are currently working on a third. My latest single “Sikelela” from my upcoming album explores everyday life and some harsh circumstance people find themselves in. I wanted my single to give a voice to the voiceless and touch on some realities most people are afraid to talk about. Everything I write about is to give hope although we do it through entertainment, it is to give hope.

Remember that when you are pursuing music you need to push yourself, you need to grow, you need to learn and make sure you know the industry before you do whatever you want to do. There’s no short-cuts here, go through the process and when you dont understand ask. Believe that art and music can speak for itself.” – Collen



Photography by Brigid Schutz

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Rendition is a Swazi born Artist, Entreprenuer and co-founder of the independent label MotherLand X. He defines himself as being a creator of moments and uses his art as a tool to make the world a better place. This creative on the move tells us a little more about his unique experience.

“I started making music because I grew up in a household that always had music playing throughout my childhood, tunes from the likes of Brenda Fassie, The Fugees, Aaliyah, Sade to Mandoza, Mzambiya. I was fascinated by how it affected the people around me, it would make them cry,smile and dance,to me that was magical and I wanted to make people feel that way with my music.

My music is Hip Hop centered but influenced by so many other genres like Rock, Jazz, Soul and EDM. I never want to be described as a certain type of artist, I just want to evolve with every project I release, I constantly want to grow. The trick is create trends not follow to them, you have to think ahead of the current wave,they say life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I’m releasing my debut project as a recording artist, the EP is entitled ‘Art.Love.Magic’ and it was recorded at the Legendary RedBull Studios in Cape Town in exactly 5 days. Entirely Produced, Written and Performed by me with the help of 3 features, C-Tea from Ghana and Sooks and Mandisa from Swaziland. It is a love themed body of work that talks about my journey, my aspirations and my current state of mind, centered around the first girl I fell in love with and how it led to where I am in my life right now.

I think the next step in the industry should be the empowerment of the artists, producers and other creatives to delve more into the business side of things and ownership of their art, things like publishing, distribution, synchonization are things every artist should know.

I’d encourage all upcoming musicians, in the industry to do their research about the history of music, watch interviews, read autobiographies of the people that came before you. There’s nothing new in this industry just a different approach to the same founding principles. Repetition is the father of all learning, find something you are good at and keep at it.” – Rendition



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Creative Union #TheVisionBoard.

Creative Union Images

We reigned in our 2018 with the opening for our events calendar for the year with Creative Union #TheVisionBoard.

The event consisted of a workshop and showcase, with an aim to discuss the challanges faced by upcoming artists and to open a dialogue that finds solutions to these problems so that the community can strategize and lay a framework to solve these problems and enhance the productivity and growth for upcoming artists. The workshop addressed ways in which artists can progress collectively and individually.

The workshop consisted of enlightening dialogue where all voices were heard and in light of that, the general consensus was to not have conversations that lead to more conversation but rather action and implementation from all parties involved.

In the true spirit of the artistry that we aim to support and grow, the showcase section of the event consisted of Visual Arts; Gallery In A Pool. An all female group pop up exhibition featuring the artists; Khanya The Designer, Nokwanda Themba, Sisanda Buthelezi and Wani Alchemist. Poetry performances that captivated the audience featuring Maira Wolfe, Kat Upendi, Amowlee, Dani Ntambelani, Masai Sepuru, Zie, and Truth. To end off the day a variety of musical performances followed suit by Jazz Duet Lehlohonolo Ntsoko and Ntando.  Hip Hop, Pop and Afro Soul musicians Slabsta, Joan K, Velaphi, Khanyi Oktober, Mag SA, Manxeezy and Neo Kan Afrika.




A special thanks to our sponsors CACPIR and Mr Tshepo Mahanuke, the communities that supported the innitiative; Woke Arts, Poetoria Society, NuSoul Hub, Creatives Makhado, Dijo Catering and Hip Hoper Nation. The community looks forward to expanding on the workshop and mobalizing the ideas brought forth to ensure progress and support for the upcoming art community.

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