Red Lights by Turm.

Turm RedLights-2.jpg

This prolific narrative song by Turm follows the stories of three people, experiencing different hardships in life and explores how they may be victims of circumstances.

Turm sums up everything by connecting these people through hook. The hook expresses the idea of being stagnant (a lack of progress, motion). This song is a metaphor that opens up interesting topics through characters who see life differently, according to how reality presents itself to them. Following the story of a woman who is a single parent, and a young man trapped in a cycle of drug use and criminal activity.

In this song Turm expresses a pain in having to watch people around his neighbourhood get caught in a vicious cycle and that for him sparks the hunger for a better future.

Download Turm – Red Lights (prod by Turm).

Written by Meshack Shabba Mohlala.

Stay Woke!


We’re Original Kreatif Enlightened (WOKE)

“Being an artist is disrupting the system or compromising your art to submit to the system in this country.”

On a Sunday afternoon we headed out to the cosmopolitan area of Johannesburg to the Firehouse Gallery to experience a disruption of system through the conscious art movement, Woke Arts; a movement that originated from Pretoria.

A platform that enables creatives to interact and showcase their talent and craft, but further more collaborate and network. The tour to Jozi was to highlight the purpose of a movement being to stay moving and to pay homage to artists and art lovers of Jozi, who for the first year of Woke Arts travelled to Pretoria to support the initiative.

Sunday, the 30th of April revealed the energy and forces that erupt when artists gather for a cause, that is to enliven and feed souls.The entrance area was draped in artworks from the finest photographers to painters, and illustrators​, all of which aligned with the show that was sectioned in three; The Mind, being a poetry sessions that gave us mostly strong and proud Black Women who were fearless in delivering their words, their thoughts, strengths and sorrows without a hint of fear. The Body, that featured banging mixes from the likes of Nouvaux, and The Soul, powerful performances by musicians who’s souls bare passions and fluidity among many things.

“Woke arts is the reviving of our own identity within the arts, a career path for the African artists and the development of an identity, a style and united movement that is truly African in its identity.” – STY7ES, founder of WOKE Arts.

Unity among the artists and audience is the note that we witnessed at #WokeJozi, that alone was art to behold.

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Watch Video -> Stay Woke!

Written by Maira Wolfe

Patterns EP.


The Band (Angela Nimah and Emamkay) presents the Patterns EP. A second collective EP after Sunday Nectar. The spontaneous and sporadic duo explore themes of love and break-ups in the Patterns EP. The name reflects on how humans analyze patterns to learn and find meaning.

Stream & Listen The Band – Patterns EP

BLANK by Tam.


“The #BLANK Ep is me starting from a fresh new canvas with my music. Earlier in my career, I dedicated a lot of time to finding out who I was as an artist. Figuring out what my sound is and what I can do with my own talents. I worked hard on experimenting with different sounds and collaborating with many different producers and artists before I finally found my perfect fit. #BLANK is me playing with this new sound I’ve found. It’s me starting my career from scratch basically, it’s me working with something new and something I found relatable not only to me but hopefully others” – Tam.

Stream & Listen -> #BLANK by Tam.

Artizens of Joburg takes on the Hood Hop Stage.

Hood Hop-55

Roxanne & Slabsta.

We travelled out to Pretoria, Phelindaba for the Hood Hop Sessions: All Black Kingdom on the 7th April 2017. The Hood Hop Sessions happen every first friday every month, they serve as a platform to showcase the best up and coming hip hop artists.

Slabsta and Roxanne rocked the mic with their solo performances, and DJ S-Frequency was hot on the decks, with a set that kept the audience on its feet.

Hood Hop (2)

Slabsta performing live at Hood Hop.

Hood Hop-46

Roxanne performing live at Hood Hop.

Hood Hop-31

DJ S-Frequency on decks.

Watch Video -> AOJ live at Hood Hop Sessions