Musician, Slabsta on his music inspiring a movement and his upcoming single release ‘Mohlakanyo’.

Since the release of his groovy debut EP ‘Summer Love’, Slabsta has once again challenged the status quo through creating a fusion of Kwaito and Hip-Hop sounds which he calls Mohlakanyo. His creative use of the two sounds coupled with authentic storytelling is bound to make his music the soundtrack in any neighborhood. Here’s our exclusive interview with Slabsta sharing more about his journey and upcoming single Mohlakanyo.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

I am a verstile musician with and my creativity is endless, I love fusing different sounds to create a specific sound which I now call ‘Mohlakanyo’. 

I really have to admit that Khuli Chana inspired me to push my music further but over all listening to my dad’s collection of music when I was younger inspired me to create my own.

What inspired your upcoming single Mohlakanyo and what do you want people to take from it?

Mohlakanyo was inspired by the timelessness of Kwaito music and how it still sounds so good now. I figured doing a song that people could relate to would reconnect them to that sound of music that they grew up listening to.

The hook was also inspired by Selaelo Selota’s ‘Thrrr Phaaa!’ Song. 

What I want people to take from it is that you can be anything positive that you dream to be, no matter who you are or where you come from.

What goes into your process of creating music and what have you learnt from it?

Allowing myself to feel my surroundings is what helps me create the music I want to put out. If I am not feeling anything I won’t even think of writing a song so I really find inspiration in feeling nature and allowing it to flow through my music. 

I’ve learnt that opening up to nature and the world brings knowledge and words create music.

 What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

I feel that we should normalize plugging each other. If you can’t help someone right now aleast plug them onto a platform that would suit them or help them grow, I think we all deserve a chance to try and be what we aspire to be. 

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them?

If you have that tingling feeling in your heart that tells you that you are meant for this music thing then go for it! Believe in yourself. 

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Naye Ayla on the years of soul searching that inspired her latest EP ‘Every Feeling’.

Naye Ayla is a soulful, sophisticated genre-bending musician who came onto our radar through her 2018 EP ‘Exist’ – a masterful piece of sonic art. We have since been watching her move from strength to strength while rooting for her as we would our favorite artist. Her distinct raspy voice and emotive songwriting resonates with all of us and we’re grateful to have experienced the pleasure of her live performance at our Soulo -O-Sessions alongside WAOMFestival. Here’s our exclusive interview with Naye Ayla sharing more about her musical journey and latest release ‘Every Feeling’.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

It was always innate for me, like a destiny of sorts. I always knew, everyone around me always knew too. There was no other choice for me. This is truly all I’ve ever wanted, to make beautiful music.

What inspired your latest project and what do you want people to take from it?

‘Every Feeling’ is inspired by years and years of soul searching and introspection on my part. The need to confront or allow all my emotions to unfold the way they needed to. I realised that trying to control a feeling, made the feeling more unbearable and the time which i would experience that feeling, so much longer. I just want people to know that its cool to feel things that aren’t pretty and that take long to iron out. We’re humans, we live online where people only share they’re experience once its over, so the process of healing becomes somehow shortened and glamorized. Healing in brutal, endless and feelings are feelings man.

What goes into your process of creating music and what have you learnt from it?

My music process is haphazard. Its made up of all my experiences and conversations and pain and achievements. The love i felt for and from people and the love thats been taken from me. I’ve learnt that i’m endless & thats up for interpretation lol.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

I think we should definitely continue the way we’re going but push harder. Push for excellence, for quality. The one thing that needs serious attention here is Live performance. We need to develop profound respect for live performance in order to get what we want out of it. Good sound, good planning, good teams, no financial compromise. Its such a weird thing to compromise on the cost of sound when you want a good live performance, lol so counterintuitive.

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them? 

Please don’t stop. If it matters to you that your name be on it, then don’t stop.

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VXraw regards his music as an ode to the misfits of the world and shares his latest project ‘Caps Lock’.


Born in the heart of our Mother City, Cape Town, musician VXraw was brought straight home to the lower middle class part of the Northern Suburbs, where he was raised and sculpted into a curious and creative young teen. He sought to find his identity by socialising in all kinds of circles and meeting people from different walks of life and that is what informs his music and sound today.

When did you start making music?

Well the short answer is around late 2017, However, from the young age of 7 (around 2005). After being intoxicated by the Hip Hop scene and old Punk Rock music. I decided I was going to become a musician or at least be involved in the musical process. So around the age of 14 , without any training or lessons, I decided to try out beat making, which was my first step into the world of sound. Throughout high school I would continuously try producing different genres of beats (from Psy-Trance to Festival Trap). Once I graduated high school I went on to study at Cape Audio College eventually graduating with my 3 year degree in Sound Engineering . But as mentioned before, it was 2017 that I first projected my voice into a microphone with the intent of releasing it to the public.

Who are you making music for?

I make music for the people who feel they belong to no social group or don’t fit into any status quo. I speak for those who feel ignored by society and are angered by the commercial garbage being shoved down their throats. I’m a misfit in the South African Hip Hop scene , so I figured I was made to cater to the misfits of the world.

What inspires you to make music?

Unlike most artists I don’t try to hide my influences. Hearing a new track that goes hard from any artist that I’m keeping an eye on motivates me to make even more music and experiment with different sounds and energies. I can’t go without saying the lifestyle I live definitely reflects in my music. Hip Hop (Especially Trap) is a very hostile and drug-filled culture at the moment, and I don’t hide my struggle with anxiety and substance abuse (mostly Weed and Xanax). Neither do I hide the fact that my anxiety causes me to be on edge. All these emotions and influences inspires my sound and inspires me to keep living and tell my story no matter how trashy it may sound, because I know these kids can resonate with my music, because we are “these kids”.

What is the name of your upcoming project dropping this week and what inspired it?

The name of my first official mixtape is ‘Caps Lock’. My energy while creating it was inspired by the fustration of this quarentine and all the wrong this world is currently being filled with, at one point I felt like I was thinking in ALL CAPS which impulsively led me to naming the project ‘Caps Lock’.

This project isn’t what the world needs… it’s what the world deserves. Distorting bass, vulgar lyrics and mindless energetic adlips. THIS IS WHAT 2020 SOUNDS LIKE. This tape will have all the commercial sheep breaking their necks, rolling their eyes or starring in disgust, and that somehow brings me joy.

Caps Lock mixtape pre-save link for ALL platforms :


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Hanwah on music as emotional exploration and her upcoming EP as a love letter to her inner child.

DSC_2720 (1)

UK born artist Hanwah, is multi-disciplinary artist and producer currently living in Eswatini. Her fusion of jazz sounds coupled with her masterful use of the keyboard and vocals make her a sonic genius. A Hanwah J performance is hypnotic and enduces a healing trance state which we got to witness at our 2019 Creative Union event at Botaki Ba Afrika. She shares her journey in music with us.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

My musical expression is often an emotional exploration, I use it as a therapy and to better understand myself. I also use it to remind myself of my power and potential. I was blessed to be nurtured in music as a child and I grew up singing jazz in restaurants with my dad who is a jazz pianist.

What makes your music unique?

Although I wouldn’t call myself a Jazz artist, I always pay homage to that foundation, and fuse it with whatever is resonating with me at the time. I have such a broad sphere of influence so its quite hard to catorgarise my productions.

What inspired your latest project and what do you want people to take from it?

Recent events in my life opened a channel for some inner child work and in doing so I learned to hold those parts of myself that where abandoned in youth. My upcoming EP, entitiled “I Love You Little Witch” is a love letter to my inner child. It narrates her journey through relationships with herself and others, from naive infatuation, to destructive love, self love and ultimately to abundant love. I am releasing each track month by month until October in collaboration with some incredible visual artists. I hope that people watching and listening feel apart of the journey, and love the Little Witch as much as I am learning to! I also hope that it inspires people to see the power in vulnerability, and that every story has equal value, no matter the journey.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in Southern Africa?

I just feel Southern African artists should continue embracing themselves in abundant authenticity. Retain mother tongues, retain traditional sounds, retain songs of freedom. The world is watching, now is the time for African artists and I’m here for it!

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them?

Don’t abandon yourself. Your story has value. Keep pushing into dominated spaces and show them what they are missing without you there.

Little Witch Final cover

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Motswako-Trapsoul artist Bebe The Creator on her latest project ‘Stages of Marato’.

Bebe - Kea Rapella

Motswako-Trapsoul artist BebeTheCreator has recently gifted us with a sonically exciting and equally emotionally wrecking EP ‘Stages of Marato’,  the multifaceted artist and musician strives to explore love in all its form through her music and we’re keen to see her musical journey unfold.

How do you define yourself as a musician and what inspired you to become one?

I always aim to make music that speaks to the heart, which is why most of my work is centred around love. Love is the essence of life, so much of how we navigate through life is filled with love or the absence of thereof. When you think about it, love is the one emotion we all search for whether toxic or healthy, we just love love.

I was inspired by life to become a musician. Growing up I would sing in my parents’ bedroom and put on a full show. I was always a bedroom singer, then one day in grade seven myself and a group of friends were randomly singing along to Beyonce, after singing had realized that everyone went quiet and stared at me. These types of moments reoccurred numerous times as through my life. This all changed when I met a girl by the name of Nokuthula, one night we decided to go out for Karaoke, I chose a song by Adele and that silent stare happened again. People literally stopped chatting, turned and listened to me singing. No one really talks about how that moment on stage literally stops time, you experience the moment, you become the moment and I wanted to create more moments like that. I am inspired by Lebo Mathosa (incredible artist), Erykah Badu and Simphiwe Dana. I enjoy their different yet powerful vocals.

What makes your music unique?

I think all music is unique. I take my stories and other people’s stories and write that into a song. I mix Setswana and English and create what I would like to call Motswako Trapsoul. No one can explain to you what love feels like, yet we all have experienced love in some form, and I think that is what makes my music unique. It is tailored from my life.

What inspired your latest project and what do you want people to take from it?

My latest project was inspired by the end of a relationship. You know, we all want a specific type of love, an everlasting type of love, an “unconditional” type of love but that usually results in a toxic bekezeling type of love and that was my inspiration of Stages of Marato.

Stage 1 – So in love with you/Crushing is the infatuation stage. That stage where you’re getting to know each other, staying up late, always texting/calling. At this stage nothing they do deters you from love, this is the stage where I think you are insane, this is the addiction stage.

Stage 2 – Ke Rata is the vibing stage, this is when you have moved from just talking to dating exclusively. This is when you start knowing what their favourite jersey is because you have seen it so many times. This is when you start knowing when they are upset or in a specific mood for something.

Stage 3 – Ke Popile, ah the I am in love stage, at this stage you already know that wa shwa wa e kepella. At this stage you don’t even have to question your feelings, you just know that you love this person.

Stage 4 – H&S sad is it not? When someone who you so loved does something to break your heart and they walk over it like they did not just say they would never hurt you a few months ago. Sad is not when you see someone who spoke those three life changing words say something else now? H&S is when a partner does something to break your heart, the downward spiral of love. We have entered the toxic side of love. That  ‘I’m going to drink it away and hope I won’t feel it’ type of love. The why am I so stupid to think that he ever loved me type of love.

Stage 5 – Ngeke umconfirme umuntu is when you realized that you were staring in your own cartoon show cause clearly you were a Popeye. This is when you go through every single moment to determine when you started becoming a ‘clown’. Where you decipher every red flag. This is where you do not even cry anymore, this is the acceptance stage and just when you have accepted and moved on. This is the stage where you decide if you want to go back to the circus and be a clown? Or you block and go about your day. Block motase, block motwana ka bao.

What do you feel the next step should be for the music and art industry in South Africa?

The next step is happening already with the alternative kids and Woke Arts gave me a platform where I felt like I was seen. The alternative kids are shaking up the country slowly but surely and once SA catches on it will be magnificent. I can see a time where the industry has a variety of artists all thriving at the same time as back in the day. One thing that enables this is the internet. The internet is allowing us to see new talented humans express themselves in ways you would normally see or hear in SA.

What would you say to upcoming musicians to inspire them?

Start, child start. That is the message, start where you are with what you have. I used a free online app to make my first EP Kgale. Knowledge is free on the internet, everything is accessible. If you do not know how to do something, goggle it, youtube it. Simple as that, try not to be too harsh on yourself because the public will do that for you free of charge. Use your ego sometimes, it will help you, stick to your gut and diversify your music intake. Always understand that in life people can accompany you to many things, they can walk alongside you on your journey, but they can’t walk your journey. The world is a summation of all your choices and experiences, so do anything that fulfils you.

Bebe - Carpe Diem
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Space Save Logic set to release new project ‘SPACEGOD 2’.


Space Save Logic has announced that his brand-new project, SPACEGOD 2 is being released on the 15th of February 2019, and the pre-order on the 8th of February 2019. The project will be available to stream across digitalp latforms.

The lead single Hit Me Up WAS produced, written and recorded in 2016 by Space SaveLogic himself. He says that, that was around the time he started working on the PROJECT.

“SPACEGOD 2 is a project that I have been working on for the past 3 years, its BASICALLY inspired by my hometown Mamelodi, where I’m from. There is a lot going on in THE township, you either become an inspiration or just another person in the hood. I DROPPED SPACEGOD in September 2015 and everything that was recorded after that was JUST everything I was going through for the past three years and that is also the time I WAS testing my production skills. I feel like with SPACEGOD 2 my production skills have
improved. The project showcases my abilities and creativity.”

Space Save Logic produced eight out-of-nine-tracks from his project.


Pre-order SPACEGOD 2 on the 8th of FEBRUARY.


3. TRENCHES feat. 25k
6. RELATE feat. DEEP$

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Jae Kae ready to fly high.


Jae Kae is a 20 year old musician who is ready to fly high with her debut single release. Her genuine love for music transcends through her relatable content making her every girl’s best friend. Here’s Jae Kae’s thoughts on her musical journey and new projects.

“I make what I feel, I believe that my music is definitely relatable. What inspired me is how my life used to go downhill and music was always a saviour so I stuck by it and realised my unconditional and genuine love for it since then.

I am not limited to strictly a specific genre, I’m versatile. That definitely makes me different.

My first single ‘Fly High’ just dropped on SoundCloud and I’m now working on an EP consisting of 8 songs.

We definitely need massive annual platforms for upcoming artists to showcase their craft,that would really take our art to the next level.

I’d encourage fellow upcoming artists to keep pushing, someone is watching and you’re closer to your goal than you think.” – Jae Kae


Download Jae Kae –  Fly High ft That-Ego (Prod. by Dee).

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Ncamisa Nqana on her upcoming single ‘Melodi Ya Dinonyana’.


Ncamisa Nqana is a performing artist, vocalist and songwriter. This song bird’s voice takes you through a spiritual journey of musical storytelling every time she stands up to sing. Find out a little more about Ncamisa Nqana and what keeps her focused on her dream.

“I am a performing artist, a vocalist, backing vocalist, songwriter, bandleader, arranger and vocal coach. I was inspired to become a musician because I’ve always had music all around me. I come from a musical family where my Grandmother used to tour around the world through Choral Choirs, my mom is a composer, my father appreciates music, my sister is a guitarist. Singing is second nature to my family, at home or at family gatherings.

My music is unique because it travels from the past, present to the future. It is about conveying familiar situations of our lives through a particular style of music and most importantly it touches the heart.

I am releasing my single this year called ‘MELODI YA DINONYANA’ and launching the single on the 4th of April 2019. I offer private vocal lessons at Vocal Clinic as I am the founding member. I am selling an accessory range from BirdWorks. I’ve also formed a band called ‘Senzangakhona’ alongside Izah Kutsh and Bongani Mtshweni(The Beatboxologist). You can also expect to see me performing at the Ghana Awards 2019, I’ll also be part of the Freedom The Musical production, that will be playing at The South African State Theatre from April to June 2019.

I think the music industry should aim to make all platforms accessible to every artist. Learn to accommodate every genre equally by focusing on making artists empowere through entrepreneurship. That’s how they will get what is due to them. Artists shoukd be more well taken care of too, start implementing benefits for registered artist such as subsidised medical aid.

I encourage all upcoming artists to remember that this is their journey alone. Know who you are and where you come from. Do what resonates within you. Know your worth. Nothing is impossible. Be patient and persevere. Every little thing that you are investing in your career will eventually get you to where you are supposed to be. Pray, fast and work hard.” Ncamisa Nqana



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Vuzu Hustle rapper, TTGO, returns from hiatus with Debut album “The Lifestylion”.

Cover Promotional Use -1.jpg

After a year long spiritual hiatus, the Pretoria native is ready to arm his supporters with ammunition
to fight off the critics in the heated debate on whether TTGO has a place within the spectrum of South African Hip Hop. Partnering with independent record label, RAD Music, the album campaign begins with the title song “Lifestylion” – set for release on all digital platforms January 18th 2019.
The song incapsulates a nostalgic tone as TTGO refers to remembering a simpler time in his own life and for South Africa when songs like “sika lekhekhe” by Arthur Mafokate was the theme music for the everyday South African. He also points out that although times were tough during those days, all green pastures start out as rough terrain with the line “It wasn’t that bad, Monatè o thoma bo slegè”. The 11 track album is set to arrive March 1st 2019.

For more information or to schedule an interview contact Setshaba Phalane on 062 826 7378.

Slabsta debut EP ‘Summer Love’ Out Now!


“The Art of Making Music is simultaneously an outlet for personal expression and a gift of self to the world. My music is an expression of my life-journey and the influences and circumstances that have shaped me and my world view. Whether the tempo is fast or slow, the tone angry or soft, the content deep or light, my underlying sound is always HARD, BANGING and PROVOCATIVE, touching both thought and emotion, and forever danceable.
My music springs from the evocative memories of the sounds of various musical genres, especially Kwaito, RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop and House.

With the birth of “Get Tipsy”, I aimed to create a new sound that will challenge and extend South African Hip-Hop to further creative heights.

On this project I express Love through the intermingling of feel-good summer vibes, powerful Hip-Hop Beats, festive moments, and strong melody. I call this “Mohlakanyo”, a new musical sub-genre, meaning, ‘The fusion of South African genres to create an exciting new sound, mixed, stirred and baked under the blazing Burgersfort sun.’ This is the music I love to listen to and the music I love to make.

It took so much hard work to put this Ep together and I would like to thank all my people who supported me with a special shout out to Brigid Schutz(HipHoperNation), Chealex Mpanza (Street Warm Entertainment) and Kea (Artizens ZA) through the making of Summer Love.” -Slabsta



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