Have you ever come to a place where you feel like someone just pulled the light switch in your brain off, and you’re left thrown off in the dark. It feels like the Grinch came and stole all your thoughts and ideas. In all fields of work a certain level of creativity is required, so what do you do when you have a big project due and you can’t seem to find that idea that’s fresh, new and exciting.
When you feel like your creative juices have run out. You’ll find that most of the time all you need is a change in perspective. When everything seems blank, your first instinct might be to give up but the first thing you need to learn is to shift away from that sort of thinking, take a breath and make the decision to stop being lazy. When you can’t find something on the surface you need to reach in deeper, that’s the only way you’ll find it.The same applies to thinking, if there are no ideas in mind, tap into the unconscious mind and think freely.
Find Inspiration, we are all inspired by certain things and we each need to find which of our senses inspire us the most, are you inspired by hearing or seeing? Whichever one it is, tap into it. Fill yourself with things that will insight you to think and create.
The most important aspect in thinking and creativity is one that most of us shy away from, which is being critical. We need to allow room for constructive criticism and correction. Imagine anything in the world coming out unedited, nothing would seem so great and inspiring. We need to remember to allow process to unfold. Sharp thinking requires one to be able to take correction and come up with solutions on the spot.
Remember that creativity means bringing a fresh takes on already existing ones. No idea has never not been explored, or is completely new and un-inspired by anything. It is a creative’s duty to find nuance, highlight it and present it as new again.
Creativity is not as hard as it seems, it can be produced if we just apply ourselves. Thinking requires effort and it can be made easier if we think smart.


Stay Prep Siya.


Siya Mkhasibe is a photographer and art director at Livity Africa and the co-founder of Black Easthete. This creative on the move is passionate about creating visuals that inspire people to see the word differently.

“I think what inspired me to do what I do was the fact that people are inspired by what they see, and I think it’s very powerful to be able to create something that might insite people to feel a certain way. I would encourage all up and coming creatives in the industry to continue to create. If you’re a photographer you need to do it, shoot everyday where ever and when ever you can. People find inspiration in the most weirdest and mandane places so you never know, you might shoot something that you don’t know or doesn’t quite make sense, but the minuet you show it to someone and they give you feed back you get to consider things from a different perspective, and that’s how you grow.My best advice to creatives is to always let your work speak for you.”

Find Siya Mkhasibe on:

Twitter: @SiyaMkhasibe

Facebook:  Siyabonga Todar Mkhasibe

Instagram:  stay_prep_sa

Happy Heritage Day!


On a daily we encounter various artists from different cultural backgrounds and from that we learn that there is so much to embrace and celebrate about who we are and where we come from. Let the spirit of ubuntu grow in our culture. Enjoy your Heritage Day!



Our five senses work together in unison to create an overall human experience. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful and is critical to our existence. What smells good to us varies from our different experiences in life but what we have in common is the effect a pleasant smell has on us, is that it makes us happy. Here are a few tips on how to pick a great scent this season.

Josie Thekiso is the owner of Beauty Splurge Fragrances and she shares a few tips on how to pick a scent that works for you. “I’m very passionate about smell because for me it adds on to image. I believe people should know who they are. The way you smell, speak, look and dress adds on to the essence of who you are, and I think people should pay attention to that.”

How to pick a scent.

“Think about your personality, pick a scent that works for you, whether you like fruity or demure perfumes it’s all about what works for you. I think it’s also about experimenting, women could also try the men’s side of perfumes and vice versa.”

How to Apply Perfume.

“When applying perfume the go to areas are your wrist and neck. Focus on your pulse areas, the aim is to let people know you’ve arrived by your smell, it should be strong but not too over bearing.”

Scents that are best for summer and spring.

“I think this season you should try look for something fruity and flowery, or try a combination of a little bit of everything. Try experimenting with smells to get your perfect blend.”

How to make perfume last longer.

“Apply it directly on to your skin instead of your  clothing, make sure that your skin is healthy and moist to lock in your scent.”

There you have it your spring and summer scent fix, apply these tips and keep yourself smelling fresh this season.

The Pursuit of Purpose.


Along a lonely journey, in a distant path with the end is nowhere in sight. Forward.

The silhouette of my fellow man follows behind me and i wonder if we see the same. Did they hear the gentle melody of the wind sing, ‘hush my dear’?

Did they feel the ground hold still for me, Did they feel the sun warm skin. Did they stand in front of a giant mother tree that cast a shadow to shelter me. I looked around me and saw nature that never faltered in its ways, I saw a sense of purpose.

Keep faith in sight and fulfill your purpose.

Prose by Kea Mooka


Keep It Fit!


As Autumn settles in and heralds winter, we find ourselves wanting to hibernate. We lock ourselves in and find ourselves not only binge watching our favourite series but also binging on warm winter carbs.

But we won’t let you off that easily; here are 5 reasons to keep fit in winter.

1) It will be fun! Really,  If you find an activity you love, that doesn’t scream exercise you’re more likely to stick it through.

2) Excersing will keep you warm, nothing generates body heat quiet like breaking a sweat.

3) Working out improves your immune system. You are less likely to fall sick and catch the winter cold if you strengthen your immune system.

4) You’ll combat the winter blues, exercising is one of the best way to improve your mood so load up on happiness.

5) You’ll look great come bikini season. If you look good,  you’ll feel good.  Ultimately boosting your confidence.

So put on your running shoes and get fit this winter!

Check out our Keeping it Fit video here -> Keeping it Fit with Adidas.

Written by Kea Mooka

Zeeko Unplugged.


When talent meets hard work, legends are made. We had the pleasure to meet one legend in the making, Steve Zeeko a rapper and musician based in Joburg whose storytelling ability is the essence of artistry. 

He explains how his journey in music began, ‘I started rapping around year 2000, back then it was just copying already established musicians’ lyrics and trying to mimic it because I enjoyed so much. I then slowing started writing my own lyrics and I got better at it. I took influence from the best Mcs’.

‘I am motivated by everything that happens around me, my songs are a reflection of my surroundings. On Dreamville compilation I have songs like “Breakup part 2” and “Dear lizzy” which are based on actual events that happened in my life.’

Zeeko’s music has given him the opportunity to travel around the country, performing in places like Cape town and Mpumalanga among many. His singles have featured on Yfm, Urban Culture Radio, Kasie fm and Vut fm.

For Zeeko, music is his form of release, and he is driven to be the most respected and most sucessful lyricist of his generation.

Keep a look out for his most recent project called Dreamville Compilation. ‘I wana reach every single person I can with this project. I am thankful to have a great team behind me Unplugd Entertainment, that pushes with me.’

Listen to Zeeko’s latest music here Zeeko Unplug’d Entertainment

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Facebook: Zeeko
Twitter: @stevezeeko
IG: stevezeeko

For bookings contact:

Thabo Radebe
082 812 2465.



Written by Kea Mooka