August House, The Artists Playground.


August House, The Artists Playground is a Light-Industrial building which has been converted to a network of artist and production spaces. It currently houses some of the biggest names in the South African Contemporary Visual Art world.

On the 30th of July 2017, August House hosted an Open Studio group exhibition which allows the audience and art enthusiasts to engage with art in the artists spaces. With four floors of of artist spaces to explore and a showroom for the group exhibition, The Artists Playground is definitely the go to place for an exploration of the South African Art landscape.




Watch Video -> August House, Open Studio’s 30 July 2017.


Sisanda Art.


Sisanda Buthelezi is a Visual Artist and Photographer from Pretoria, Gauteng. We got to catch up with this young creative who aims to shake things up in the art world.

“My inspiration for taking up visual art came from my intense need to create awareness and be the voice for those whose voices have been drowned out by our society’s lack of empathy and oblivion where the less fortunate citizens are concerned.

Many topics that disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed are often neglected in our daily mediocre conversations as we tend to like to shy away from the issues that do not directly affect us. As a visual artist, I aim to be that link between the disturbed and the comfortable as I believe that a middle ground should be established in order to stabilize the South African economy and society.” – Sisanda Buthelezi


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The Power of Patience.


Having patience is the ability to tolerate waiting and delays without becoming frustrated or agitated.

Moreover, it is the ability to remain calm when facing difficulties and adversity. By controlling ones restlessness and emotions the patient person is able to effectively control their natural impulses that can often lead the astray.

In the modern era we live in a society where almost everything is immediately made available at our beckoning call, a perfect example is Google, when you instantly need answers to something you just search. If you want a quick bit to eat, just call your local pizza delivery place, or perhaps when you need an entertainment, you just have it a click away on your TV, mobile device or computer. Given how society has shaped our behaviour and expectations, it’s easy to see that patience for most people would be quite difficult to come by. Who needs to be patient when you pretty much can have everything you want or need at your fingertips?

Although this might be true at a convenience level, this is far from true on other levels where for instance our goals are involved, or when dealing with other people. In such instances patience is absolutely paramount, however for the most part, because we live in a convenience society, most people simply don’t have of it, and that is why they struggle. I actually feel like patience is an absolute requirement for the attainment of any goal, because some things simply can’t be rushed or hurried. They need your thought and attention to detail to bring to fruition.

Moreover, some things just take time and effort on your part; they require a long term commitment.

Having said that, patience isn’t about sitting idle waiting for patience to happen that is not patience, but rather procrastination

Written by Jeanette Tshakane

Photo by Kegobella

Queens of Poetry #TheSoireePicnic.


Queens of Poety is a Poetry & Picnic event hosted by Artizens of Joburg.

This event aims to celebrate female poets in a picnic setting, while giving them a platform to express their writing skills and engage with the audience followed by a QnA. This event is also a platform for all attendants, not only to socialize but to network and collaborate. Selected various artists will also be gracing the stage with their performances throughout the event to honour the Queens of Poetry.

Date: 23 September 2017
Venue: 13 Rhodes Avenue, Parktown West.
Time: 12h00 – 20h00
Entrance: R 20 (with donations)
R 30 (without donations)
R 50 (Coolerbox)

Please bring clothing donations for children between the ages of 4 – 14 for the Pro Youth Foundation.

Visual Awakening: Screen Your Imagination hosted by Artizens of Joburg & IMSurreal Live.


Visual Awakening | Screen Your Imagination

Visual Awakening #ScreenYourImagination was the first screening hosted by IMSurreal Live and Artizens of Joburg at M Studio Community. This gathering brought together a community of young budding filmmakers with a shared passion for a whole new world of visuals. The night featured performances by Slabsta and Iindirhe, and facilitator’s Amogelang Lekwadu and Nthabeleng Masudubele kept the audience engaged.


Nthabeleng Masudubele. 

As you walk into M Studio Communities showroom you are welcomed by eye capturing contemporary art, with Visuals projected onto the wall.

The programme started out with the screening of La Voyage by BlaqNWhyte Pictures, which follows the story of an upcoming Visual Artist Levoy Dlamini and his journey in the contemporary art world in South Africa’s Art Industry. This documentary sparked a conversation around the landscape of the business of art in South Africa. The second film Sophiatown was a student production led by Ray Manzana, the film is a coming of age story that follows a young man’s journey from rural life to urban locations, and the culture shock that follows.

The second half of the screening was opened by Creation produced by Onndisa Sengani, a sci-fi film that poses the question, Is love something that humans can create? The film challanges the technological era and its ability to manufacture human characteristics and emotions. The closing film was Mercy produced by  King, It tells a story of a victim and a perpetrator in a post-apartheid South Africa in a fragile present day when the side-effects affect both parties differently.

Be on the lookout for more exciting events for the visual community by Screen Your Imagination.

Watch video -> Visual Awakening | Screen Your Imagination.


Vision Feminine | Screen Your Imagination.


Vision Feminine – (The vision of the feminine) female narratives that shine a light on female stories which are told by women.

This is the second screening by Screen Your Imagination Film Club hosted by Artizens of Joburg And IMSurreal Live.

This womens month we aim to give a platform to women in film and television, on screen and behind the scenes. This platform encourages equality and female empowerment in the film and TV landscape.

Join us on the 26th August as we discover the new generation of women in film and television.

4 De Beer Street, Braamfontein
15h00 – 20h00
(No RSVP, R20 at entrance).