Vision Feminine | Screen Your Imagination.


Vision Feminine – (The vision of the feminine) female narratives that shine a light on female stories which are told by women.

This is the second screening by Screen Your Imagination Film Club hosted by Artizens of Joburg And IMSurreal Live.

This womens month we aim to give a platform to women in film and television, on screen and behind the scenes. This platform encourages equality and female empowerment in the film and TV landscape.

Join us on the 26th August as we discover the new generation of women in film and television.

4 De Beer Street, Braamfontein
15h00 – 20h00
(No RSVP, R20 at entrance).


#ArtFor20 by Slabsta.


“As an upcoming artist it is very hard financially but because art is meant for everyone I want to share it and #Artfor20 is my way of doing it.” – Slabsta

Share your art with us for only R20. Submit any artwork (Writing, Music, Fine Art ect…) that you would like to share on all our platforms for promotion and a good cause. The R20 proceeds are used to purchase a meal which will be donated.

Submit your artwork to:





Cut Me Loose!


The idea of fearlessness, of affirming  your own power? That’s a Liberty the concrete jungle cannot afford, don’t you know how much we spent to build these walls?  Are you sure you want it anyway, I mean you have to actually fight for it. You have to fight what’s already set in stone, you have to have the courage to go for the unknown, and we don’t take kind to your kind who think you can waltz in and demand your soul we worked so hard for and stole, so no. – The System

What does Freedom mean to our generation, what does it mean to take your freedom and unshackle yourself from the system?

“Firstly Freedom is subjective; todays generation defines freedom as entering into white space. For me, freedom surpasses the physical barrier it means being able to tap into your inner being and consciousness to a point where you exist in a physical body but that does not define you, it means being able to define yourself.” – Lehlogonolo Modise. The Freedom Thinker


Written by Kea Mooka

Behind the Red Door with Tiisetso


On a luxe Blue Train, Tiisetso Maoke lays her art out on display, she’s created her own wonderland and invites us behind the scenes of Red Door Art.  She is a narrative, visual artist, a writer and a poet. 

Her wonderland is inspired by the notion that ‘we should never be hesitant to keep our dreams alight or live them using what you have’. She truly belives in the idea bringing your imagination to life, she creates with a passion to connect the fantastical to the real world.  ‘These dreamy ventures and journeys we take, fuel our imagination to create all these creative products, and through them we remind people to see the world differently’.

‘I always have a desire to learn something new, or to do things that really scare me’, she explains.

Her painting, ‘The Beautiful Marigold’ tells a story of a woman standing in front of a mirror in an elegant red dress, in reflection of how far she has come in life, how at the end of the day it is herself she has to face; not her possessions or the people around her.

Another piece, the ‘Queen Of Hearts’ tells the story of Vala Welsh a queen born in oppressive times, the queen dedicates her life to trying to embody Christ’s gene, to possess passion, compassion and perfected faith. 

Tiisetso reminds us that you can indeed, bring your fantasy to life through art.


The Beautiful Marigold



Queen of Hearts


Written by Kea Mooka
Photography by Neo Lerutla