Acceptance and Growth.


For a very long time I have been identifying people by their physical appearance, which produces differences between what I perceive as me and the other. But in essence we all come from the same substance, we exhibit unique forms in various degrees but still arise from the same substance. To accept this statement as truth is an act of rebirth, which I personally believe is one of the requirements of human development. Humans have the power to directly influence their development in the various levels they exist in and this requires dedication, honesty with one self, love, patience and faith.

Human development occurs at different levels of existence weather we are aware of it or not. By working with the forces that promote human development, the individual gains a rich life experience, and above all receives the gift of life which is to be in tune with the present moment. By being in tune with the present moment we transcend barriers that our egos create on a daily basis, allowing us to acknowledge TRUTH, to accept that we are Natural beings with the Power to move mountains if we WILL it. We all have this power I speak of, but what makes us different is the time we spend cultivating this force. It starts with thought, then words and action. This is the basic process of creation that we can all use to further develop ourselves.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise