Johnny Guava Solo Photographic Exhibition.


On Saturday the 15th of October Johnny Guava opened his first solo photographic exhibition “CANdour” at MB Studio Community Gallery. The exhibtion told the captivating story of the artists journey of self discovery, seeking to identify the roles, labels and reponsiblities ascribed to him and that of the people in his life who are closest to him.

When you look at the beatuiful images on the wall you are mezmarised by the luminous image in front of you, and as you take a step closer you soon realize that are the images are constructed from discarded cans which he photographs, then follows through with deep etching process to shape the cans further and construct a totally new image from it.

We had the opportunity to follow up with the artist himself, and see what the journey to the exhibition was like. “It was about reflection, reflecing on where I come from and where I wanna go.” To up and coming photographers who wish to one day have an exhibition like him he says “Keep at your photography and experiment”.


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